Black Actors in Italy: Alibe

Bit of a cheat, this one, as ‘Alibe’ actually appeared in Spanish rather than Italian films. However, Treasure Island was an Italian co-production, so I guess that’s some justification!

  • Treasure Island (1972) aka Isla del tesoro, La [as Mrs. Silver]
  • Tarzán en las minas del rey Salomón (1973) aka Tarzan in King Solomon’s Mines
  • Noche de la furia, La (1974)

There’s also an ‘Alibe Coppaga’ who appeared in Domenico Paolella’s 1968 comedy Il Sole è di tutti, who could possibly be the same person (although this is a bit of a stretch).

Alibe ParsonsThen there’s also an Alibe Parsons (right), who is a black actress (English) who has appeared in numerous UK TV series since the mid 70s (including Space 1999, which often featured performers with Italian connections).

Now, doing a little bit of research, Alibe Parsons begins to look a little interesting… in an interview on the Space 1999 site, she says: “I had just done a film with Lynn Frederick in Spain the previous year, and when I was being costumed for the series I looked inside my costume and there was Lynn’s name.” Now she’s not credited as doing anything in Spain at all, so this implies she was working in Spain in the mid-70s uncredited! Lynne Frederick, meanwhile, is credited with appearing in Francisco Lara Polop’s Vicio y la virtud, Pedro Lazaga’s Largo retorno and Four of the Apocalypse (which I think was in Italy rather than Spain), all in 1975, so it’s likely that Ms. Parsons was in one of the former two.

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  1. Four of the Apocalypse was partially filmed in Spain but there were no black actresses in the film that I could see.

  2. Hmmm, interesting! Although obviously that doesn’t mean she *wasn’t* in it – she could just have been cut out. But… I think it’s more likely she was in one of the other Lynne Frederick films…

  3. Julian has just emailed to say: ‘Alibe’ or ‘Alibea’ was also in THE SKY IS FALLING by Silvio Narizzano, shot in southern Spain in 1975 with Dennis Hopper and Carroll Baker. FOUR FOR THE APOCALYPSE was largely shot in southern Spain with a small amount of Rome studio work. Filmed in circa December 1974. The Spanish film she did with Fredericks is indeed UN LARGO RETORNO – I have the film in English as A LONG RETURNING and she is credited with performing the song “To-day” in the credits as ‘Alibe’. This confirms they are the same person…. I guess she is also in it.

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