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The Sin

November 26, 2010 Matt Blake 0

The Sin is a peculiar old mess of a movie. Part nunsploitation (although lacking nudity and violence, it still plays up to the idea of the nun as an erotic symbol), part star vehicle for Sophia Loren – who makes for one of the most unlikely nuns imaginable – and part political film…

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December 3, 2008 Matt Blake 1

Auto-factory foreman Nino (Alberto Sordi) takes his wife (Norma Bengell) and two blonde daughters from industrial Milan to antiquated, rural Sicily…

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Imprevisto, L’

September 17, 2008 Matt Blake 0

A well received early crime film from a highly respected director, L’Imprevisto has rather sunk into obscurity; I don’t think this is even available on DVD in Italy.