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Superuomini superdonne superbotte

Even though the likes of Imago mortis don’t get a release with English language options, it’s good that Italian DVD firms have examined the English speaking market and decided that the ideal kind of product…

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Imago mortis on Italian DVD

Gordon Bennett, this is starting to get a little beyond a joke. Why is it that Italian distributors consistently fail to have English language options on their dvd releases. They’re simply cutting off a substantial…

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Joe D’Amato naughtiness on DVD

Three Joe D’Amato ‘classics’ have just been released on DVD: Porno holocaust, Sesso nero and Orgasmo nero.  They all come with English audio options… and it’s quite a depressing thought that while the likes of…

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Rats Night of Terror & Cruel Jaws

Italian company Storm DVD are releasing a couple of Bruno Mattei films, Rats Night of Terror and Cruel Jaws. Neither of them may exactly be classics, but Mattei productions are always good for a laugh…

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The Return of Ringo

Just out on DVD – Duccio Tessari’s The Return of Ringo, one of the best Spaghetti Westerns.  This is the follow up to A Pistol for Ringo, which was released by Koch last year, and…

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New DVDs 10/03

A mixed bag this week… I guess the most interesting release for Eurotrash films is Roberto Montero’s The Eye of the Spider, which has been released by GB Video in Germany. As with most German…