New DVDs 10/03

A mixed bag this week…

I guess the most interesting release for Eurotrash films is Roberto Montero’s The Eye of the Spider, which has been released by GB Video in Germany. As with most German releases nowadays, this has English language options. It’s not a bad film, and has a decent cast including Klaus Kinski and Antonio Sabato. The cost is something like about €25.

Froma more contemporary viewpoint, the key release is Marco Bechis’ La terra degi uomini rossi, an award winning film that sounds very interesting. There’s a good review on the Times website. The video looks great and has English subs, you can pick it up from Thrauma.

Froma curiosity point of view, Romano Scavolini’s Ustica – una spina nel cuore stands as being the most obscure release of the week… it’s not even listed in the IMDB. It’s a kind of conspiracy thriller about a young writer who recovers a black box from a crashed plane and discovers all kind of underhand stuff. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with any kind of language options, but it could be worth a punt at only €13 or so.

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