Imago mortis on Italian DVD

Gordon Bennett, this is starting to get a little beyond a joke. Why is it that Italian distributors consistently fail to have English language options on their dvd releases. They’re simply cutting off a substantial swathe of their potential audience. I can understand it in the case of films that have secured an international release, but that’s not it; the likes of Il divo and Gomorrah are released with English subs in Italy, even though they’ll be getting released internationally a few months down the line.

A case in point: Stefano Bessoni’s Imago mortis, which comes to Italian DVD this week with, you guessed it, Italian language and subtitles only. As a modern day giallo which mopped up at the audience (see my previous post about the film), you’d have thought this would have had people snapping it up. How very different to the heyday of Italian cinema, when global audiences were seen as key to even the smallest film.

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