Lucrezia, Monthly Film Bulletin Review

To make a film about the Borgias without either poisonings or parricides must in itself rate as some kind of achievement.  Unfortunately, the result in this case is a humdrum period romance, whose two most striking features are the rum sort of convent in which Lucrezia takes refuge and the abrupt ending which disconcertingly resolves nothing.  The film pays desultory lip service to prevailing trends with Lucrezia’s bath scenes and erotic reveries (which include the brief attentions of a lesbian Negress); but such sexual overtones are subsequently dropped in favour of half-hearted fights and weakly staged swordplay, for which this semi-historical romp sadly lacks the necessary panache.

Rating: Poor

Review from Monthly Film Bulletin, June 1969.

Comment: I haven’t seen this one so don’t haven anything much to add.  This is the Osvaldo Civirani film featuring Olinka Berova and Gianni Garko.

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