Cine 70 Issue #10

Cine 70 Issue #10Excellent news… it looks like Cine 70 Issue #10 has been released. Cine 70 is, along with Nocturno, the frontline Italian Language genre magazine, and it’s an essential purchase for anyone interested in the subject. This one features interviews with Enrico Montesano, Gina Rovere and Guido Zurli (this is one I’m particularly interested in, Zurli had a very strange career).

Should be hitting the shelves at Thrauma soon…


  1. Just ordered mine from Onlyscore who have it in stock so i should hopefully get it early next week,also read that #2 is getting a reprint anyday now.Never managed to get that issue so i can’t wait to see the Mario Caiano interview/article ,if it’s as good as the piece they did on Bianchi in #5 i’ll be very happy man indeed.

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