Marc Caro”s Dante 01

The new French sci-fi film Dante 01 has been getting a release over the past few months across Europe. The story, according to wikipedia, goes like this:

Saint Georges (Lambert Wilson), is the only survivor after his ship encounters an alien entity. He is convicted of his crew”s murder, and imprisoned on the prison ship Dante 01. He becomes aware of mysterious powers that his encounter has given him, and influences a rebellion among the prisoners.

The director is Marc Caro, who was co-director of Delicatessen and City of Lost Children before… well, disappearing, pretty much, while his former collaborator Jean-Pierre Jeunet went on to all kinds of success with Alien 4 and Amelie. There”s an interesting cast including French star Lambert Wilson, Jeunet regular Dominique Pinon (who”s rapidly becoming a modern day genre star), Linh Dam Pham (from Indochina and The Beat the My Heart Skipped) and several other familiar French faces.

There”s an official site and you can find out more info about the it on CineEuropa

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