Django Against Sartana

Have just posted up a gallery of screengrabs from the Pasquale Squitieri film Django Against Sartana. If anyone can help identify performers I haven’t put names to, just comment below (for example, if I’m not much mistaken ‘Herman’ was also the station attendent at the beginning of Once Upon a Time in the West). To see the character / actor name, just hold your mouse over the relevant image…

Here’s the cast list:

Cast: George [Giorgio] Ardisson (Sartana), Tony Kendall [Luciano Stella] (Django), José Torres (Loco, the mute), Doro Corrà (Juan Corvo), John Alvar (Steve), Adler Gray (Singer’s nephew), Bernard Faber (Philip Singer), Salvatore Billa (Singer’s man), Fulvio Mingozzi (Sheriff), Augusto Pesarini, Mirella Panfili, Claudio Trionfi, Rick Boyd [Federico Boido] (1st gunman)
Uncredited: Tania Alvarado (Mexican girl), Fortunato Arena (a bandit), Pasquale Squitieri (2nd killer)

And here’s the Flickr link: Django Against Sartana photo gallery

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  1. Adler Gray is a woman, not a man, and she plays the niece.

    Maria’s landlady is Anna Maria Perego (a frequently uncredited bit part actress).

    Boxer in tombstone looks like he is Petar Martinovitch from Silvio Amadio’s Amuck.

    Oh, and IMO Maria doesn’t look anything like Malisa Longo.

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