Fantastikal Diabolikal Supermen – NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m pleased to announce that the first WildEye book, Fantastikal Diabolikal Supermen, is available.  I’ve posted all of the details before, but just to recap… it’s 94 pages, including 8 full colour pages, on 130gsm coated paper and with a laminated colour cover.  And, although I say so myself, it looks pretty darned good!

As the blurb says:

During the early 1960s, Italy was gripped by a new craze: adult comic books, known as fumetti neri, which pushed out the boat in terms of sex and violence. Characters such as Diabolik, Kriminal and Sadik became household names, not least because of repeated concerns voiced about their dubious morality in the conservative press. And film producers, never slow to spot a trend, quickly leapt on the bandwagon.

Fantastikal, Diabolikal Supermen is the first ever English language book to cover the curious genre that resulted. As well as including detailed reviews of over 30 films, from better known titles like Diabolik to obscurities such as The Devil’s Man and Three Supermen of the West, it also examines them in the light of the wider Italian film industry at the time, detailing how the cine-fumetti related to other trends such as Eurospy films and Spaghetti Westerns.

Featuring relevant excerpts from interviews with the actors and directors concerned and lavishly illustrated with numerous lobby cards, photos and posters, this is an invaluable reference guide to an otherwise ignored and forgotten cinematic phenomenon.

You can buy it from The WildEye online store for £9.99 + postage and packaging (£3 for the UK, £4.10 in Europe and £6 everywhere else).  All payments are processed through Paypal, which is fully secure and you can use even if you’re not a registered Paypal user (all you need is a credit or debit card).  I’ll also be selling on EBay, Amazon and some other retailers at a price of £12.99 (but not just yet…)

Click here to buy it.

(and if you have any problems during the purchase process or want to make any other comments please do get in touch)

Fantastikal Diabolikal Supermen
Fantastikal Diabolikal Superme


  1. Recieved mine yesterday,looks great matt,im already recommending it on forums etc.Looking forward to the next one

  2. Just found out about this book, Amazon says it’s unavailble and I can’t find it in your shop.
    Are any copies available of this book still?

    1. I’m afraid not – but much of the content is going to be included in a new book I’m working on about Italian Science Fiction films…

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