La fisica dell’acqua

This one sounds interesting, La fisica dell’acqua, directed by Felice Farina.  It’s a drama / thriller, apparently inspired by Hamlet.  The cast includes Claudio Amendola and Stefano Dionisio, both of whom are pretty big names in Italian cinema, and it’s being released into 40 cinemas throughout Italy this weekend (not a huge amount, but still a few!)

There’s a review up from some guy on the IMDB:

This Italian independent movie is full of surprise, is an original psychological thriller inspired by the character of Hamlet. Ale is a 7 years old kid (who plays the role of Hamlet), a kid whose dreams are full of strange visions. Ale feels uncomfortable with his uncle, he thinks he hates him, but why? Why this sweet kid desires to kill his own uncle? The boy don’t understand his feelings, he feels guilty and evil. But the truth his hidden in his memories, somehow Ale has to discover the real story of his family. Felice Farina after many comedies gives us an original thriller with great actors and a astonishing kid that act like a great professional: Lorenzo Vavassori. The movie is co.produced by Renzo Rossellini a great producer, son of the famous Italian director Roberto Rossellini.

Here’s the trailer:

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