La misura del confine

La Misura del Confine
La Misura del Confine

Here’s an interesting looking new Italian release: La misura del confine, directed by Andrea Papini.  Papini made an decent film called La velocità della luce a few years back, which I was quite impressed by (and reviewed here).  La misura del confine is a thriller, which starts off with the discovery of a frozen corpse by a group of surveyors along the Swiss / Italian border.  There’s a brief review on PrimoCiak

We have a body, we need an exact border between Switzerland and Italy to establish who has jurisdiction and who can put a claim on the frozen corps, first believed to be very old and therefore good for tourism. Enter 2 surveyors one Swiss one Italian and their back-up teams. The Hotel  on top of the world has stunning views and is run by a young couple with a German shepherd who can both cook ( thats the couple only, not the couple and the dog). We follow some gentle detective work in form of old photos and some well preserved reception books, trying to establish the identity of the body, not quite as old as was first thought. This is not sitting on the edge of your seat sort of a thriller more a gentle Mrs Marble ………

It’s had a very limited release, showing in just two cinemas and making a grand total of… $1,277!  It’s a shame, I can’t speak for the quality of the film but Papini is someone with a bit of talent who’s doing something a little different to the usual run of tedious Italian comedies, and this is the kind of release it gets.

Here’s the trailer:

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