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Just thought I’d give you a quick heads up about what’s happening with the fumetti book, Fantastikal Diabolikal Supermen, as I said originally it would be coming out something like a year ago!

Anyway, the situation is this:  we’re very close to finishing it.  A friend of mine who is a proper (as opposed to a self-taught!) graphic designer is checking over my designs to make sure I haven’t made any glaring errors – the last thing I want is for, say, all the images to come out looking rubbish – and do a bit of final tidying up, but that side of things is all nearly done.  In the meantime, we’ve been working on the credits as well; intially I was just going to include bog standard information about the films, but now we’ve decided that it would be remiss not to make more of it and include full credit information, which means poring over screengrabs and trying to id those obscure actors who appear in all these films.

So we’re nearly there, but not quite.  I’m hoping to get all of this stuff finished by the end of September and have the final, published book out by October.  Fingers crossed.  I’ll post up some spreads so you get an idea of what it’ll be like in the next week or so.

The good news is that, once we have this first book done and dusted, it should be much, much easier (and quicker) to publish the second one, which will be about the films of Giorgio Ardisson.  More soon…

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