María Badmajew

María Badmajewaka Mary Badmajera | María Badmajev | Mary Badmayen | Maria Badmayer | Mary Badmayer | Maria Badmayev | Marie Badmayev | Mary A. Badmayev | Mary Badmayev | Maria Badmayew | Mary Badmayew

María Badmajew is a bit of a mystery. As an actress, she appeared in about 20 films between 1959 and 1969, including a number of spy films, a couple of adventure films, come comedies and the occassional western. None of her roles were particularly large – she was often sixth or seventh billed and often had little more than glorified cameos. Further confusing matters, she’s one of those actresses who’s actually quite difficult to pick out in the films she appears in. Not because she isn’t distinctive looking – she is – but because her roles were sometimes so insubstantial. In fact, she’s hardly ever even credited with a character name (one exception to this is the Primo Zeglio western, I due violenti, in which she plays ‘Kenny’.

Then, after a break of nearly 15 years, she also turned up way down the credits in Marco Ferreri’s STORIA DI PIERA. Who was she? What was she doing in the meantime? It’s a mystery…

Spy films
1965 – Agente segreto 777: operazione Mistero
1966 – Spies Strike Silently
1967 – Elektra 1
1968 – Our Agent In Casablanca
1968 – Sicario 77—vivo o morto
1969 – Colpo grosso a Porto Said

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