Rasputin by Louis Nero

A few years ago Louis Nero made Hans, a strange pyschological, well, thriller I guess, which I reviewed just here.  It was a flawed but interesting film, experimental and moody, and it’s interesting to see that the director is back with a new project, Rasputin, which also looks to be rather idiosyncratic.  It begins with the last hours of the protagonist’s life, before flashing back to flesh out the story with detail about the doomed world of the Romanov dynasty, Russian occultism and how Rasputin came to be such an infamous character.  An interesting story.

It’s not exactly a big release, opening in just two cinemas and pulling in a grand total of €14,000 in its first week.  The cast is headed by Francesco Cabras, who also appeared in The Passion of Christ and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, but don’t hold that against him, and it’s narrated by Franco Nero.

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