R.I.P. Giuseppe Castellano

It’s being reported on Nocturno that Italian character actor Giuseppe Castellano died earlier in March.  Castellano was one of those faces who pops up all over the place in Italian exploitation films of the 1960s and 1970s, general playing heavies, soldiers or prisoners.  He never really had a big role, but it was always a strangely comforting sight when he appeared on screen.  His films include some genre classics (Death Rides a Horse (67), The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (70), Calibre 9 (72), although many of his more memorable performances were in more obscure productions.  He’s great, for instance, in The Killers Are Our Guests (74), where he plays one of a gang of thugs who take Anthony Steffen and Margaret Lee hostage

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  1. Sad to see another familiar face pass on. Thankfully for the Internet we are able to be made aware of their passing. 15 years ago we’d never know this other than word of mouth or reading it in a book years after the fact. RIP.

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