R.I.P. Van Johnson

American actor Van Johnson died on the 12th of December. There””s a lengthy obituary in The Guardian which briefly mentions his career in Europe:

Like other actors of his generation, Johnson found it easier to work in Europe and television, where his experience was more gratefully received than in Hollywood. In the late 1960s and 70s his work in Spain and Italy included Battle Squadron, The Price of Power and The Concorde Affair. These were squeezed between equally forgettable TV dramas such as Call Her Mom (as president) and mini-series such as Rich Man, Poor Man (1976).

Actually, his European career was a little more impressive than that, spanning over twenty years and a good dozen or so features. He appeared in the excellent Alberto De Martino war film Eagles Over London, Valerii”s The Price of Power, Montero”s crime flick The Eye of the Spider, Deodato”s The Concorde Affair, Lenzi”s From Corleone to Brooklyn, Martino”s Murder in the Etruscan Cemetary, Stelvio Massi”s Taxi Killer, Stefano Reali”s Down there in the Jungle, Ettore Pasculli”s Escape from Paradise and Fabrizio De Angelis”s Killer Crocodile

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