Shameless Screen Entertainment DVDs

Looks like Shameless are ramping up their UK DVD releases. Just out is Who Saw Her Die. Now this one has previously been released by Blue Underground, so it’s nice to have, but… the Blue Underground disc is so spiffing I can’t really see the point of releasing it again, with what’s allegedly not quite as good a print and without anything much in the way of extras (the BU disc had an interview with Aldo Lado).

Much more interesting is their next release, The Designated Victim. This is the Maurizio Lucidi giallo, also known as Murder By Design, starring Tomas Milian. This one hasn’t come out on English DVD before – there’s a fandub doing the rounds, I think, but that’s about it – so it’s something of a must have. There’s a trailer to download, and I’ll post more info when I hear it…

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