Un giorno perfetto

Un giorno perfettoUn giorno perfetto is the new film from Ferzan Ozpetek, one of the more respected of the ‘new breed’ of Italian directors (he made Sacred Heart, which won numerous awards and is available on UK DVD). The story is, like Gomorra, made up of several intersecting narratives, told in flashback, all of which combine at the climax in a tragic finale. The cast includes Isabella Ferrari (from Caos calmo) and Valerio Mastandrea (from The Nest) as a seperated couple, Monica Guerritore as a professor and Stefania Sandrelli.

It’s a high profile release, and it’s done pretty well – taking about 800,000 euros – in its first week (although not nearly so well as Gomorra, which was one of the biggest non-comedy releases in recent years). I’d expect this to come out on DVD internationally and hit lots of festivals over the coming months. Sounds interesting, if a bit melodramatic… but there’s nothing wrong with Italian cinema audiences re-discovering their taste for melodrama!

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