Un”estate al mare

Italian DreamThe big new release from Italy is Carlo Vanzina”s latest comedy, Un”estate al mare, which has been doing swift business (although not, perhaps, as good as some domestic comedies). It”s an anthology – or, to be more accurate, a series of sketches – linked by the fact that they”re supposed to illustrate the key moments in an Italian”s life, filmed in different locations around Italy. So, for instance, you have Lino Banfi playing someone who”s recently returned from Sweden now that he”s apparently made his fortune and married a beautiful woman; Enzo Salvi playing a father desperate to bond with his son etc etc. The cast includes the likes of Ezio Greggio and Gigi Proietti, not to mention the more glamorous Anna Falchi, Victoria Silvstedt and Nancy Brilli (who was in Demons 2 back in the 80s!)

Although it hasn”t done much in the way of business, more interesting sounding is Sandro Baldoni”s Italian Dream. This is another comedy, but a dark one: Ivano Marescotti plays Antonio, a dreamer, meets a rich, older man, Raniero (Teco Celio), who seems like an extremely handy benefactor… until, that is, he reveals the reason for his generosity: he believes that at some point Antonio will kill him, and he”s determined to stop this happening. Antonio, of course, is mystified by all this, and becomes increasingly concerned as Raniero insinuates himself into his life…

Baldoni”s been making small, slightly leftfield films for a good few years now (ie weird Tales (94), Commercial Break (97)), and I”d like the chance to see them! This has played at a few festivals, but the takings have been, well, insignificant. Eurotrash fans will also recognise the name of character actor Carlo Croccolo, who appears ina smallish role.

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