Blood Story, by Amasi Damiani

Blood Story
Blood Story

This obscure movie from cult director Amasi Damiani was one of a bunch of Italian crime films made during the late 60s / early 70s and set in prohibition era America. Inspired, perhaps, by Bonnie and Clyde, and also by the fact that the filmmakers could cheaply recycle Spaghetti Western sets as 1930s style Americana through the handy use of slightly different costumes and by having the characters drive cars rather than ride horses.

After the usual robbery gone wrong a bunch of goons hide out from the law ┬áin a deserted ghost town… but it turns out to be already being used by *another* bunch of goons also hiding out from the law! They shoot at each other, Tony Kendall and Femi Benussi turn up as a pastor – who might or might not be the real boss of one of the bunches of goons – and his wife and everything meanders on until everyone gets blown away in a poorly choreographed Sam Peckinpah style climactic sequence. It’s not good but it has a certain claustrophobic appeal and it’s nice to see familiar caratteristi like Fortunato Arena and Gualtiero Rispoli in larger-than-usual roles.

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