Revenge of the Godfather

Richard Harrison in Revenge of the Godfather
Richard Harrison in Revenge of the Godfather

It’s hard to think of a decent Italo-Turkish co-production (I have a soft spot for Guido Zurli’s Polizia selvaggia, but that doesn’t make it a good film) and Farouk Agrama’s Revenge of the Godfather is about what you’d expect of the type. It has a rubbish script, the production values are at about the level of the lowest budget Italian releases and the acting is extremely variable. In an attempt to make up for its deficiencies, it throws in the occasional moment of incongruous humour and some gratuitous weirdness, neither of which make it any better. Richard Harrison plays the usual veteran killer, working for a mob boss who uses him to dispose of all his rivals. During a holiday in Turkey he bumps into an old army buddy, Antonio (Ian Flynn, aka Turkish actor Ayhan I??k), who’s in fact another killer working for a rival crime boss. A game of cat and mouse ensues… The story isn’t uninteresting, but it’s developed and handled in such a way as to make it deathly dull, apart from the final twenty minutes or so when things pick up a little. Ayhan I??k is fine, but Harrison never seemed entirely comfortable in the crime genre. Erika Blanc and Krista Nell provide the glamour.

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