The WildEye 2: Giorgio Ardisson, the Italian James Bond

OK, a little information about where I am with the next WildEye book.  The text is just about completed, the images scanned and just about all the raw materials finalised.  Now all I need to do is get the final proofing done and then put it all together so it looks as nice as (if not nicer than) The WildEye 1.

That’s the good news.  The bad news – well, not for me – is that due to having a new job and not quite so much free time, I don’t have quite so long to spend on it, which is why news has been scanty and my posts here and on my facebook page have been rather irregular.

I’m still aiming to get something published for around Xmas time, fingers crossed!

Oh, and what’s the book about?  Well, it’s a huge look at the career of Giorgio Ardisson, the erstwhile Italian James Bond, who went on to appear in assorted Spaghetti Westerns, poliziotteschi, giallos, sexy comedies and more.  Honestly, this guy had one of the most curious careers imaginable.

And just to prove that I am working on it… here’s the front cover!

The WildEye 2: Giorgio Ardisson, the Italian James Bond
The WildEye 2: Giorgio Ardisson, the Italian James Bond



  1. Excellent. Appreciate your time & effort. Thank the stars for CG so that we can actually watch these films with subs or dubs.
    And for yourself giving us the background information on these genres.

  2. Really looking forward to it, loved the first issue and the Eurospy Guide. Looks it could be Ardisson’s year, there’s also a 30 min interview with him on one of the recent Cinekult releases.

  3. Hey Matt, what’s the latest on this book? also, what’s up (or down) with the Eurospy forum page? it’s gone and one gets a forbidden area message.

    1. Hi Johan – just putting the finishing touches to it; it’s amazing how long everything takes when you only have a couple of hours a week to do it in! But I’m working on the index now and once that’s completed, we’re nearly there!

      Not sure what’s up with the forum, I’ll check with the hosts.


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