More angst. Whereas L’uomo che ama is an adult melodrama about lots of middle-aged people making problems for themselves, Albakiara is about lots of young people making problems for themselves and is, as such, aimed firmly at the youth market. This one packs in a bit more, adding a few crime film elements as well – because the kids live on the streets, right, and the streets are well dangerous, like – which I guess makes it a little more inviting than watching yet more neurotic types flouncing around art galleries and having stilted dinner parties.

Anyway, the story reveolves around Chiara (Laura Gigante), an angelic looking schoolgirl who’s far less innocent than she seems; she gets on by cheating and copying from her peers, spending more time paying attention to her looks than doing any work, and her evening are taken up by carousing with assorted undesirable types. Among them is Nico (Leonardo Di Caprio lookalike Davide Rossi), a wannabe DJ who’s drifted into the internet porn industry to make a bit of ready cash, and the two of them quickly fall in love. It’s not going to end well…

Well, I guess how you take to this one will depend on your tolerence level for self-obsessed young people. Still, looks like it might be marginally entertaining. Director Sergio Salvati is better known for his work on comedies and musicals.

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