Killer”s Playlist by Carlo Ausino

Killer''s PlaylistHoly cow! Carlo Ausino, the director of rubbish like The House of the Damned, has made a new giallo: Killer”s Playlist. And, what”s more, it stars George Hilton and Emmanuel Cannarsa, who last appeared on screen together in Double Game a good thiry years back (yes, it was another Ausino film…)

Anyway, here”s the synopsis:

Key De Bernardi is a young policewoman who is granted her request to be transferred to her hometown, Turin. Her return is like falling back into a nightmare – the legacy of a terrible incident from her past.

Eight years earlier, after a night at a disco, Key”s car ran out of gas; stranded, she was assaulted and raped by three men. A police commissioner who was on his way home rescued her, and subsequently became her friend and mentor.

Key”s homecoming seemingly coincides with a rash of crimes that have no apparent connection between them. She slowly becomes aware that a serial killer is fixated on her, and has begun a morbid game with her that suggests that she is to be the killer”s next victim. Friends and colleagues aren”t of much help to her – one of them could be the killer. Only with the help of a psychologist will she uncover, little by little, the horrible truth behind the killer”s fixation.

You can even see a trailer on the excellent website

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