AnimaneraItaly seems to close down for much of August, which means that there isn’t much in the way of new films reaching the cinema. With the arrival of September, however, we actually have a new release: Raffaele Verzillo’s Animanera, which has been doing, well, moderate business. In fact, though, it’s not actually new… it’s a re-release of a 2006 film!

Enrico Russo (Antonio Friello) is the respectable manager of a condominium who also happens to be a repeat child murderer. When he meets a young boy called Andrea, howver, he’s driven to reevuate his acts; the child comes from an unhappy family which has made him fragile and vulnerable, much as Enrico himself had been. He does his best to surpress his violent instincts, but will he be able to do it? Meanwhile, a cop and a psychiatrist are on his trail…

This looks interesting, and has had broadly positive reviews from what I can see on the web.

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