Dario Argento”s new film

Dario Argento has announced his new film… as announced on the Hollywood Reporter:

ROME — Italian horror director Dario Argento will begin filming an English-language slasher film next month in Turin, the local film commission said Wednesday, marking the famed director”s first English-language effort.

The film will be called “Giallo” — Italian for “yellow,” local slang for the thriller genre — and will star Argento”s daughter Asia, along with Ray Liotta and Vincent Gallo. The screenplay is from Sean Keller and Jim Agnew, who already are collaborating on the in-production horror film “Damned.”

The film will tell the story of a serial murderer (played by Gallo) with a taste for attractive women, who is being chased by a solitary detective (Liotta).

The film will be shot on familiar territory: Turin also was the site of most of the shooting for “The Mother of Tears,” Argento”s most recent film. Both films are backed by financial incentives from the Turin-Piedmont Film Commission.

The 67-year-old Argento is best known for such cult classics as 1977”s “Suspiria” and “Inferno” from 1980.

Hate to sound sceptical, but… does anyone really care that much about Dario Argento”s new films anymore? It”s like getting all excited about a new John Carpenter movie.

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