Il Gioiellini by Andrea Molaioli

A few years back, Andrea Molaioli, a director who had graduated from being assistant director to Nanni Moretti and others, made one of the best Italian films of recent time, La ragazza del lago, an existential mystery featuring Toni Servillo.  After that, though, everything went ominously quiet; like much of the Italian film industry, in fact, which seems to have settled back into producing a treadmill of comedies and sentimental dramas over the last year or two.

Anyway, Molaioli is back with Il Gioiellini, which has just been released to Italian cinemas.  A political film, it tells a story revolving around the notorious bankruptcy of Parmalat, a huge agri-food business which went bust thanks to a mixture of nepotism, mismanagement and external business forces… much like most of Europe in the years leading up to the global recession.  Not much more information has filtered through as yet.  Toni Servillo, inevitably, is the lead – the guy seems to appear in about ten movies a year at the moment – and the reviews seem to be broadly positive.

It will be interesting to see whether this one comes out in English anywhere.  Here’s the (Italian) trailer:

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