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Here’s a cool interview with Mario Gariazzo that I stumbled across on a Ufology site (and which seems to have originated from La Stampa).  Gariazzo was a former journalist and film director who made a variable selection of films from the sixties to the end of the eighties, including Spaghetti Westerns, crime films and sexy comedies.  He also made three science fiction films, The Eyes Behind the Stars, Brother from Space and The Coming of Aliens and was one of the most prominent UFOlogists in Italy, regularly appearing on TV and in news shows about the subject.

According to another UFOlogist at the time this article was written (93):

Mario Gariazzo is a well known guy. He was indeed a member of NICAP in the late ’50s. He published one of the very first saucer magazines,sold in the Italian newsstands for a brief time in 1960: “Dischi volanti” (Flying Saucers) under the pen-name of “Sidereus”, when living in Turin. Then he stopped it and flew away, because of his debts (it was rumoured).

(He goes on to say that Gariazzo was basically a UFOLogist in order to support his product, i.e. films, which seems a tad unfair considering he’d obviously been into the subject since its early days, but squabbles among UFOlogists aren’t anything new). Anyway, here’s the article…

The revelations of director Mario Gariazzo who is preparing a movie in cinema verità, entitled “The Cover-Up”.

Top secret archives in Moscow, but the CIA is hiding the truth, too.
Franco Nero plays lead as a Soviet officer.

ROME. The other day it was announced in the news that a secret dossier on the flying disks had been discovered in Russia. We were informed that 1965 in Hanoi Soviet anti-aircraft defences fired at a UFO, which answered the fire with a luminous ray, causing the death of 200 people. It seems like science fiction. We spoke somewhat to director Mario Gariazzo who is preparing a movie in cinema verità on UFOs, entitled “The Cover-Up” with Franco Nero playing lead as Major Jurij Leonov, an ex-agent of the KGB. The film doesn’t show interplanetary craft, but it intends to eviscerate the superpower’s plot to hide the truth of the phenomena from the public eye – deeply worried about a possible attack on Earth. The film will materialize in the United States and Russia, with the aid of Aldo and Daniele Ricci of Italy Films Production and of Ital Service Video.

Gariazzo explains:
«I think I have arrived at the point of breaking the wall of conspiracy of silence, regarding this question. I am encouraged by the election of Bill Clinton as President – a fresh American voice.Who knows? Maybe he wants to be the one himself or allow others to reveal what Jimmy Carter promised, when he told the country during his campaign:”If I become President I will inform the world about UFOs. There are quintals of material in the National Archives, labelled secret, which the public must become familiar with. We must not close our eyes, even though reality is bewildering”. But then he didn’t do anything about it. Why?»

Mario Gariazzo has a thorough knowledge of the subject, having been part of a very important investigation committee on UFOs, NICAP, or the «National Investigation Committee On Aerial Phenomena» which for many years has collaborated actively with the CIA. Gariazzo has come into possession of documents that seem important and are strictly confidential.

«They are real – he says – in fact all of them carry the following label: “Reproduction of this document in whole or in part is prohibited except with permission of the office of origin.” Be aware that to impose a cover-up on the subject, the responsible authorities didn’t hesitate to gerrymander some data, and they have forced to “strange suicides” many persons who had taken too close an interest in the problem».

But now the truth seems to emerge in Russia.

«In Moscow in Lubianka Street 6 all of the secret services are located. KGB’s agency is on the fourth floor, and here are the headquarters of KRU, the “Kontr Razvedochnoe Upravlenye,” i.e. the agency for protection of military secrets. Here the UFO dossiers are safeguarded, too. An enormous material which I have been able to consult».

And these dossiers are the starting point of his film?

«Not only. I possess US documentation, too. In short, I have picked up a considerable bulk of data. I wanted to do a worldwide journalistic investigation. Then I decided for the movie – dealing not with science fiction, but with intelligence services – in which it is documented that the governments of the world are hiding the truth about the flying disks».

And are they hiding the truth about the extraterrestrials, too? Is it a truth that they have been bagging and alienating?

«Certainly. I have been able to see a deep-frozen alien in Dayton, Ohio. But first you must know that in the summer of 1949 a nuclear experiment was performed near Aztec in New Mexico. A flying disk was attracted to Earth by the burst. It didn’t have openings: compact and solid like a coin. After having struggled for weeks the experts succeeded in opening it, and they found six dead bodies inside. Here is the testimony of university professor Spencer Carr, depicting one of the extraterrestrials: “Apparent age of 30 years, perfect set of teeth, chromosomes and human blood.” But through dissection of the cranial canopy it has been discovered that the brain didn’t fit the age, but that of a man of 400, 500 years».

Depict what you have seen!

«Not a monster, but a being structured like a human. Nude, of male sex. A creature of around 90 centimeters, of olive color, but in proportion to the body, with arms and legs thinner than ours. Big eyes and Mongolian features».

Aren’t you afraid of being labelled a dreamer?

«Why on earth? My work, my seriousness testifies to the contrary. If I say that I know a lot about the flying disks and then realize a cinema verità, you’ll see that I possess ample documentation. There are many scientists that know of the existence of the disks, and they have declared so».

Could you supply a name?

«Names? In tens. One above all, professor Colman Vonkeviczky, who was U Thant’s secretary in the UN – U Thant was Secretary General of UN from 1961 to 1971, Stig – and in 1967 declared: “We impugn the plot of governments regarding this serious problem that involves international security. The scientific questions concerning UFOs, behind which the governments are entrenched, are used to hide the preparation for a space war”».

Are the extraterrestrials going to invade the Earth then?

«Why otherwise this confederacy of silence around the phenomenon of flying disks? It is time to get ready to the big event, the meeting with creatures very distant from us, either in time or in space».

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