Two Tigers

Two Tigers video coverSandro Cecca’s Two Tigers. Has anyone heard of this? It’s a 2007 Italian action film, with a plot like this (grabbed from IMDB):

Two Tigers is an action film about two beautiful, tough women, from different countries whose lives are destined to meet in the far east modern city of Shanghai and form a tight bond. One, a professional killer from Hungary, discovers that she has a heart. The other, a high-class call girl from China, is betrayed by the man who promised her a fairytale ending she could never have. Both these women’s lives cross in the exciting ‘Paris of the Orient’ and a friendship is sealed forever as they help each other overcome obstacles in their path to true happiness.

I haven’t heard of any of the stars, but Andrea Osvárt is, apparently, a supermodel. Jay Netelle was in Guerrieri’s The Final Contract back in 92. Anyway, it’s just come out on DVD in Italy, with English audio.

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